Guest Program

*Please note that you may register guests during the conference attendee registration process. If you have already registered, and would like to modify your registration to add a guest, please click here

Our guest programs provide an ideal opportunity for your companion to explore Los Angeles and still attend conference events with you. Guests do not have access to attend breakout sessions and experiential workshops.

Please note: Guests must be associated with registered attendees and are usually family members. Credit union employees, volunteers and suppliers are not eligible to register as guests. 

Guests and attendees can enjoy day tours in the Los Angeles area, more information on tours will be available soon. 

Guest Program Type Early Bird Rate
On or Before 15 May 2020

Advanced Rate
16 May  - 1 July 2020

Onsite Rate
18 – 22 July

Social Guest Program US$400 US$450 US$450
Full Guest Program US$575 US$675 US$675

Social Guest Program Includes:

  • Opening Ceremony & Exhibit Hall Grand Opening – Sunday, 19 July
  • Closing Night Celebration – Wednesday, 22 July
Full Guest Program Includes:
  • Opening Ceremony & Exhibit Hall Grand Opening – Sunday, 19 July
  • General Sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Access to the Exhibit Hall Including: 
    • Breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 
    • Lunch on Monday & Tuesday 
    • Networking Breaks with Coffee and Tea 
  • Closing Night Celebration – Wednesday, 22 July